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BruMed & the Bru Group

Daughter of the Bru group

BruMed is the medical arm of the Bru Group and was formally established in 2020 to focus and expand the group's ambitions within the medical world.


BruMed has 4 core activities:


Marketing of products and services

BruMed has an extensive team of marketing experts who build brands for both own brands and 3rd party brands in the medical sector. This in both the digital and the physical world. They use this power to build their own brands or expand the brands of international manufacturers in Europe.


Local sales team

BruMed has a team of enthusiastic professionals who follow up our customers on a daily basis and recruit new customers. Trust is key, especially in turbulent times. The home market for the team is Belgium and the Netherlands, but they work with clients all over Europe. They do this in several languages: Dutch, English, French and German.


Powerful distribution device

With a warehouse of 14,000 m2, of which 4000 m2 is fully automatic, Bru is equipped with the best facilities in Antwerp to meet all expectations. We deliver anywhere in Europe within 2 working days. We've been working with our couriers for decades and have the volume to negotiate strong rates. This translates into a favorable service price for the customer.


Contract production

BruMed has production sites in Antwerp (Belgium) and Shenzhen (China) according to medical standards and produces mouth masks for its own brand and for the brand of 3rd parties.



The Bru Med leadership team

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-01 om 10.10.39.

Jo De Ridder


Business Development

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Louis Cnudde


Business Development

Gary Neiman.JPG

Gary Neiman


Jason Neiman.JPG

Jason Neiman



Joeri Neys

EC REP - BruMed Manufacturing

Satenros 2a unit 23, Kontich 2550


Martin Fiddelaers


Sample King Manufacturing

Where can you find us

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