Our supply chain

Our mission is based on trust. The trust that you can count on good quality, that you can rely on delivery and that you have a local point of contact. At BruMed we have one of the most reliable supply chains in the world. 


Belgian production

Thanks to our Belgian production unit in Kontich , we are not dependent on imports, border controls and intermediaries. It is a bonus that we also stimulate local employment with this.


Chinese production

Thanks to our 14 years of experience with production in China, we can provide the market with various types of qualitative face masks (eg: Type II, IIR, FFP2 & KN95) all at very competitive prices and European quality standards.

Strategic stock

To ensure production continuity, we have chosen to build up a strategic inventory of raw materials essential for manufacturing medical face masks (spunbond/non-woven fabric, earloops, meltblown, nose bridges). By holding these strategic stocks we can guarantee consistant quality and deliveries for long periods of time.

Belgian certification

We aim for the highest standard of certification and work together with European laboratories to guarantee this. Both our Belgian and Chinese masks are certified by CENTEXBEL, an accredited Belgian lab.


In both facilities, machines are located in a medically certified ISO14644-1 clean room . This allows us to make very consistent quality and the best masks reaching medical standards.



Thanks to our joint cooperation with the Bru Group, we benefit from their global logistical capabilities and experience. This allows us to seamlessly ship worldwide, regardless of the quantities.


Local contact

For questions please feel free to contact our multilingual sales team, we closely monitor production and deliveries and are standing by to answer your questions. If you would like to receive samples or arrange a visit to our facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


VAT: BE0747.493.084

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